Friday, April 18, 2008


Starting with Hillsboro:
The team represented in the 3,4s at Hillsboro. Graham, Garrick, Logan, Martin, Matt, Alex, and Chris lined up for an epic race. From my understanding, a break was formed and the team worked tremendously to chase it down. Eventually, the team reeled them in and Chris and Garrick got into a rather large break. Chris and Garrick dropped the majority of the group. Chris put in a tremendous solo effort and rode away for the day in a very convincing manner. Garrick was close behind in third. Congrats to the guys for a stellar effort.

The Adams, Andy Choca, and Matt lined up for the P12. The race was very fast and caused things to split up fast. Matt placed 12ish on the day.

The Masters rode valiantly in a tremendously hard race that contained plenty of challenges.

The juniors were out in force with Josh and Christian along with Nate and jonathan.

More updates and pics coming very soon.

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