Sunday, May 11, 2008

Joe Martin Stage Race Update

The team headed down to Fayetteville for the annual spring stage race, which draws a bunch of NRC pros.

Chris Wallace took 3rd in the opening road race. Martin, who won last week in Washington, was not far behind in 13th. Matt Pence was right behind him. Garrick and Alex also finished in top-20. In the TT, Chris Wallace won, with MATT PENCE in second. Wow, that kid has really improved in one year to take second at a huge stage race TT. Garrick and Alex rounded out the top 20. Right now GC wise, Chris is leading, with Matt close behind in 5th. The crit results arent posted yet, so I'll keep you posted.

Masters and P12s, Results not yet posted, again I'll keep you updated.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Team Shot

Long Overdue Update(s) AGAIN

Yeah, sorry for the lack of updates. Its the end of the academic year, so I've been distracted with school.

Congrats to Matt Keeven who won the treacherous Syllamo's revenge on a SS! That's 50 miles of tough terrain on a single speed. This guy is super strong. Way to go Matt!

The team came out strong and had a great weekend of racing. The jrs rolled bright and early to start the weekend off with a bang. The guys truly rode as a team and helped the younger guys out, setting Kyle and Joe up for the wins in their respective age groups.
The Masters rode valiantly and employed some great tactics over the weekend with Tracy taking the overall. Watch out for these guys...

The 4s was a chaotic race to say the least. The field was plagued with wrecks, taking a large part of the field down. Matt J and John finished top 20 on saturday in what was one of the most sketchy 4s races in a while.
Sunday was a different story. The race was fast and flat. Mesa rode on the front with Kyle and Matt F putting in some very good efforts. Joe tested the waters for a little bit but was reeled back in. Everyone finished with good results and no incidents. Once again, Matt J and John had awesome positioning going into the sprint. The 4s are starting to learn how to ride as a team and will be force to be wreckened with in the upcoming races.

Molly raced very well in the Womans, packed full of revolution girls. The highlight came with an excellent sprint for third on Sunday. Staci is starting to really improve and is in contention with the 4s.

In the 3s, Mesa dominated. The guys controlled the front and set an excellent tempo. Chris and Graham worked great together, with Chris taking the win. The guys made sure that these two stayed away. Adam dominated in the 3s TT, winning by a big margin. On Sunday, everyone got involved. Martin took a few fliers and rode on the front like a true teammate. Matt Pence showed his stuff and sacrificed for the team. Garrick and Josh did likewise. Adam won in a great sprint (jr gears) with Chris a few lengths behind. Mesa took 1,2,3 in the overall. Chris, Adam, Graham.

Mesa dominated in the 12s. Joe K, Adam Lang, and Matt Brandt, along with Andy Choca. Matt lapped the field taking 3rd and won the TT by 25s. The guys rode really well together on Sunday, setting Matt up for the break, which turned into the win. Matt took the overall with great help from his awesome teammates.

Thanks to Adrienne for making this weekend such a success!

Good luck to Matt in Europe!