Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mountain Biking Domination

Our very own Dave Breslin has been at it again, along with the rest of the guys, tearing it up at races all over. Dave, Matt James, Drew Black, and Zach Brace all headed down to Tsali Trail, NC, to race AMBC and such. Dave took second in a very tough Expert 30-34 and beat a couple pros in the process. Drew Black took 8th in the sport 19-29. Way to go guys!

Dave and Drew also headed down to KY for some awesome single track racing. Dave rode valiantly through the course, putting the hurt on and came away with the Expert 30-39 win. Drew also did very well in the sport category. Way to go Guys!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tour of Hermann


Mesa came out in force for the first annual Tour of Hermann, which included a time trial and a very hilly road race that wound its way around the picturesque wine country of Mid-Missouri.

In the TT, Chris Wallace took second in the 3s, with the rest of the jr squad not far behind. Logan finished in the top five and Matt was soon to follow. Everyone put forth a great effort, while trying to save something for what was to come. The elusive Ian Murphy was rumored to have made an appearence.

Fast forward to the next day which brought forth spectacular weather and an overall great day for racing. Once again, the orange crush showed their stuff in the 3s, with Chris Wallace winning in a convincing fashion. This couldnt have been down without his outstanding teammates in the race: Alex, Martin, Matt, Logan, Jan, and Garrick. Adrienne did a spectacular job leading the guys and controlling feeds. Molly raced in the women's pro 123 and did very well taking second against a field of Revolutionaries. Russ, Rick, Ethan, Tracy, and Ron controlled the Master's field putting forth great performances. Callum and Jon also did very well in their first races as 5s.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dave Breslin and company opted to race the infamous Rim Recker (hint:name) @ Council Bluffs. Dave rolled through the course in an epic fashion for the win in the premier division.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Starting with Hillsboro:
The team represented in the 3,4s at Hillsboro. Graham, Garrick, Logan, Martin, Matt, Alex, and Chris lined up for an epic race. From my understanding, a break was formed and the team worked tremendously to chase it down. Eventually, the team reeled them in and Chris and Garrick got into a rather large break. Chris and Garrick dropped the majority of the group. Chris put in a tremendous solo effort and rode away for the day in a very convincing manner. Garrick was close behind in third. Congrats to the guys for a stellar effort.

The Adams, Andy Choca, and Matt lined up for the P12. The race was very fast and caused things to split up fast. Matt placed 12ish on the day.

The Masters rode valiantly in a tremendously hard race that contained plenty of challenges.

The juniors were out in force with Josh and Christian along with Nate and jonathan.

More updates and pics coming very soon.