Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Long Overdue Update(s)

Okay, I (joe) haven't updated this in an insanely long time. Consequently, quite a few things worthy of posting have been left out.

Update on the IN guys:

Joe K. and Adam have been taking names while racing in numerous p,1,2s across the Ohio Valley. In the early-season L'Espirit, Joe K. and Adam got in an early break that stuck and finished 4th anf 6th respectively in the P12 field.Joe and Adam put in a hell of a fight in the Action Lake Road Race by hammering in yet another break and finished with very impressive 2nd and 5th. These guys have been putting up with seasoned riders such as Josh Carter and teams like Abercrombie and Fitch. Joe K and Adam have put in amazing efforts and are basically kicking ass.

Graham---------Graham has been patroling the threes in a rather convincing fashion and is showing that he means business. He started off the season with L'Espirit with a good finish and is in good form.info stolen from thier blogs......

got an update-email to mesaracing@gmail.com

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